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Benefits of Starting A Preschool

Preschool business is booming like anything now a day. Following are the reasons behind tremendous growth of preschool industry.


  • Awareness for quality preschool is growing in India

  • All cash business – No credit, No discounts

  • Low real estate cost – You can start from home

  • Respect in society

  • Low investment cost

  • Recession free business

  • No stocking requirements

Jovial Juniors Advantage

By becoming a Franchise, an individual or an entity will be legally allowed to enroll children for preschool education under our brand name Jovial Juniors. The franchise will gain from brand name, ntion wide presence along with support in day to day running of school, marketing in local area, training of staff from professionals of our company etc

We believe in win-win situation for all stakeholders i.e. students/parents, franchisees and company. We have designed very cost effective business model.  Prospective franchisee can start Jovial Juniors preschools in budget ranging from Rs 200000 to Rs 400000 depending upon village, town, city and its locality & space. Nil franchise fees and nominal royalty charges business model helps franchise preschool in early break-even and high profit. Apart from low charges, franchise will be benefited by our team in every aspect of running play school in profitable manner. We will support our franchise in

  • Furniture and fixture purchase

  • Interior/Exterior layout

  • Technical support

  • Marketing and Advertisement

  • Curriculum & Activities

  • Ongoing support

  • Step by step guidance to kick start your enterprise

  • Franchise preschool will have access to curriculum, books and training

  • Helps you monetize your spaces

  • Reduction of purchase cost of all equipment and material. Starting personal brand preschool may cost higher than owning our franchise preschool.

  •  Diminishes likelihood of losses

  • Norms and eligibility of teachers and their training is defined 


  • The franchisee should have minimum 2000 sq.ft carpet area in a residential location in the city, preferably independent villa or bungalow (On ground floor) with separate boundary wall along with outdoor play area.


  • NOC from society & Local Municipal Authority for running preschool. Requirement may vary from state to state.


  • One time initial investment will be in the range of Rs 250000 to Rs 700000 depending upon village, town, city and its locality & space. The initial investment would be towards ambience and equipment costs and student kits.

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