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Why Jovial Juniors Franchise Preschools? 

Our franchise preschools are having all required facilities for holistic development of a child. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child. We are pioneer in introducing STEAM at preschools in India. STEAM is about encouraging students to build knowledge about the world around them by observing, asking questions and investigating.

Holistic development of a child requires well crafted curriculum and some basic facilities in the preschool. We have Five Fingers curriculum for our franchise preschools  to ensure holistic development of children. Our franchise preschools have following amenities to ensure each preschool deliver expected results

Activity Rooms

Well designed Classrooms

Multimedia Centre

Play Area

Preschool Activity Room.jpg
Preschool Classroom.jpg
Multimedia centre.jpg
Preschool play area.jpg

Play Area

Multimedia Room


Activity Room

Programs Offered

Pre- nursery

This program is for children between 2 years to 3 years of age. Children will spend major part of their days in singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring both indoor and outdoor. Curriculum is designed to help toddlers to develop gross motor, fine motor, social skills and independence.


This program is suitable for children in age group of 3 years to 4 years. Our nursery program helps children for school readiness by reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in fun filled learning environment. Our various activities encourage curiosity, self-initiative, art, music, social interaction among children. Each new accomplishment fills these three years old toddlers with pride and desire to learn more. Teachers give equal focus on Fine and Gross motor development of children.

Lower Kindergarten

This program is for 4 years to 5 years old children. In this program various activities are conducted to make them learn alphabet and number sounds, number and simple math and early writing skills. Besides, they are motivated to observe and be aware of the environment around them.

Upper Kindergarten

This program is suitable for children in age group of 5 years to 6 years. In this program focus is on building vocabulary and applying concepts which children learn in LKG. Children learn to read and write using innovative learning methods. This program enhances attention span of children with a view to accelerate their learning process and prepare them for school and future studies.

Summer Camp

Come vacation and all moms are looking for ideas to keep their kids busy and engaged in activities to fill in the time they spend at school usually.

With the sun shining bright, it becomes difficult to indulge in outdoor play, and indoor activities take centre stage.

The best way to fill in the time children spend in school is to send them to a summer camp where they can pick hobbies or enjoy doing activities that will help them develop mentally and physically.

We at Jovial Juniors International Preschool provide parents opportunity to enroll their wards in our online or campus summer camp across India.


Benefits of having your child attend Preschool Summer Camps:

1. Social Exposure: The camp is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to a whole new group of friends. 

2. Camp allows for a Deep Dive into New Skills: kids are able to really get out of their comfort zone to take some risks with their skills, without the looming fear of failure and resulting repercussions.

3. Effective School Preparation: Summer camp provides a daily routine very similar to school. Your child will learn how to interact with a larger group of children, and how to be responsible for personal belongings such as a backpack or lunch sack. Going to summer camp can also help your child learn how to better manage time.

4. Separation Preparation: Learning to make a break from Mom and Dad can be an invaluable benefit of day camp for a Child.

5. Safe Chances to Step Out of a Comfort Zone: Trying new things or doing something difficult helps your child build confidence and self-esteem. Your child will be stronger for the experience and more ready to try new things at school.

6. Camp Builds All-Around Resilience: This is a culmination of many of the above benefits. New friendships, confidence, independence, sense of belonging. All of these things contribute to the development of your child as they make strides from being a kid to a strong, considerate, competent adult.

7. Camp Allows Kids to Unplug from Technology: Taking a break from technology over the summer allows children to communicate face to face.

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